Dr. Robin Armstrong is engaged in the political process because he is passionate about conservative values and ideals. He grew up in La Marque and has been involved with politics since he was a young boy. His father served on the school board in the La Marque ISD, and his mother was a teacher in the public school system for over 30 years.
After graduating from La Marque High School, Robin attended Texas A&M University receiving a degree in Microbiology. He then attended the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston where he received his Doctorate of Medicine, and practices medicine in the hospital and community where he was born and raised.

Robin has always had the attitude of a servant, especially since giving his heart to the Lord during his college years. He has shown these qualities in his personal life by serving in his local church. Robin’s servant heart has also led him to three missionary journeys to Zambia, Kenya, and Nicaragua where he has done medical and health related ministry overseas. Robin has also served locally in youth and inner city missions, and is active with charitable organizations nationally and overseas.

Politics for Robin has been a means to advance a conservative philosophy of government, consistent with that of our founding fathers and essential to the survival and prosperity of our Republic. We must always be a nation that will champion life from conception to natural death. When we do not protect innocent human life, all life is devalued. We must be a nation that always protects the private property rights of individuals—one of the foundations for our liberty. And we must fight to decrease the size and scope of government, because we cannot remain free, if our government continues to grow. Robin has fought for these principles as a poll watcher; an election judge; a precinct chairman; a city chair; a Senatorial District Convention Chair; a delegate to precinct , senatorial district, and state conventions; and a delegate to the 2008 Republican National Convention. He has served as a member of the State Republican Executive Committee from Senate District 11, and served as Vice Chairman of the Republican Party of Texas from 2006 to 2010.

Robin has worked tirelessly and passionately over the past 15 years to advance our conservative cause in the state of Texas through service to the grass roots activists throughout this great state. And with your help, he would love to keep up the fight. Robin has been married to Dr. Martha Armstrong for 13 years and they have four sons: Daniel, Gabriel, Joshua, and Noah.